Eye-Cult High and Infiltrator Gryphkin E

Eye-Cult High Gryphkin Fantasy Minis DnD Warhammer Roleplaying RPG

Eye-Cult High and Infiltrator Gryphkin E

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 Once a cult of humans, the Gryphkins are the legendary people of the sky, often living in a sacred or unholy place far away from the rest of the world. Their appearance and skill depend on where their eggs had been laid.

The noble High-Gryphkin of the Cult of the Eye protects the Eye of Tialevor from the lust of sorcerers and Kings on the peak of the Wyvern Mountains.
The eggs laid in the realms of mortals generate wingless Gryphkin, smaller, but skilled in the art of shadow manipulation, espionage, and murder.
In the Cult of the Eye both forms are essential to keep the Eye safe and at the same time protect the world from its endless corruption, but It would seem that the evil influence of the Eye has slowly turned his jailers into his... thralls.

Scale: 32mm scale miniature. 

Color: This miniature is printed using a grey-colored photopolymer resin.

Resin Miniatures: Our resin miniatures are printed at a resolution of .04. and maintained high details with little to no marks. We spend tons of time building custom supports to make the highest quality minis as much as possible.

Finishing: Our minis are cured and cleaned by hand. Ready to prime and paint. Some models may require assembly (if needed).

SYZGames is officially licensed to sell physical prints of the Artisan Guild. 

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