Levita Female Arcane Wizard

Levita Female Arcane Wizard

Levita Female Arcane Wizard

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Beings who can alter reality or the laws of nature are often seen as gods, demigods, or avatars. If Levita is one of them, she either doesn’t tell or she doesn’t know herself. But her powers are nevertheless incredible. Fightermages and the like who can wield magic and their weapons with equal ease are a rare sight in the kingdoms. Levita is another league altogether. Levitating, augmenting the power of her sword, and summoning the elements themselves at a whim are but a fraction of the forces under Levita’s command.

Scale: 32mm scale miniature. 

Color: This miniature is printed using a grey-colored photopolymer resin.

Resin Miniatures: Our resin miniatures are printed at a resolution of .04. and maintained high details with little to no marks. We spend tons of time building custom supports to make the highest quality minis as much as possible.

Finishing: Our minis are cured and cleaned by hand. Ready to prime and paint. Some models may require assembly (if needed).


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wally Tillery
Very pleased!

Great sculpt, good details. Eager to paint mine.

Nikolas Pfannerstill

Excellent quality and detail. Fast production and shipping!

Petr Kris

Very dramatic posture.
In reality better then on a photo.
Material - nice grey plastic. Very cute.

Tj Kulas

Beautiful! The details on the face are so fine my phone can't pick up on it, but they're there and they're great!

Fastest shipping of the shops I've ordered minis from, and incredible quality!

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