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    These creatures did not fit into the natural world. Though some believed aberrations originated from the Far Realm, this was not true for all aberrations. Driders, for example, were unnatural crosses between drow and spiders. Created by the twisted goddess Lolth, the drow had their bodies aberrantly transformed, and thus were classed as aberrations.

    11 products
    Mind Flayer - Illithid_03
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    Mind Flayer - Illithid_01
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    Slathos on Hive Colossus - Depth One Hero on Hive Colossus
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    Slathos the Soul Stealer - Depth One Hero
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    Urrock'h Ancient Eye - Beholder
    Xantaras the Tyrant Eye
    Cthulhu Hacha
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    Pumpkin Beholder
    Demonic Eye - Beholder
    Mind Flayer