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Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon

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The dragons of Okinja are majestic beasts. Unlike other dragons of the world, these dragons have no wings though they can still fly through the use of magic. The Fire Dragons like all the dragons of Okinja are greater dragons, meaning they are intelligent and capable of speech. Fire dragons are fiery charismatic creatures. Unlike almost all other dragons, Okinjen Fire Dragons do not have a breath attack. They have a much more spiritual conection with the elements and instead of creating fire in their throat, they can shape the elements themselves, generating fire from their hands and body as the elements bend to their will. The inhabitants of Okinja view the dragons with awe and respect. While some fire dragons can be benevolent and wise others can be cruel and evil. Okinjen Fire Dragons can shapeshifter into other forms including that of humans. Evil fire dragons will use this to manipulate people and empires. It is important to be wary and on guard as trappers on Okinja could be interacting with a dragon at any time. The easiest way to defeat an Okinjen Fire Dragon is to trick them into turning into a human or some other animal and then casting a spell that prevents them from shapeshifting. They can then be captured and dealt with in an appropriate manner. Keep in mind that Oknjen Dragons have a strong kinship with each other and if they feel one of their kind has been dealt with unjustly they will retaliate.

Scale: 32mm scale miniature.

Color: This miniature is printed using a grey-colored photopolymer resin.

Resin Miniatures: Our resin miniatures are printed at a resolution of .04. and maintained high details with little to no marks. We spend tons of time building the custom supports to make the highest quality minis as much as possible.

Finishing: Our minis are cured and cleaned by hand. Ready to prime and paint. Some models may require assembly (if needed).

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